SJSD Enrollment Increases

Posted 9 months ago

By Stan Unruh

Click to take a closer look at the numbers

Click to take a closer look at the numbers

Seventh day enrollment is up by 6 students for the St. Joseph School District, bringing enrollment to 11,536 for the 2014-15 school year.

An increase in the secondary grades appears to account for the growth. The District is up 54 students at the high school level, with a total attendance of 3,325. Benton reported 818 students, Central reported 1,669, and Lafayette reported 838 students. All high schools saw an increase in enrollment this year. Middle school enrollment shows a total of 1,676 students, down 64 from a year ago. Bode Middle School shows the largest enrollment, at 503 students.
Alternative school enrollment is 143, up 5 from last year.
The seventh day enrollment number is used, essentially, to fine-tune staffing levels in the schools. The SJSD hired a total of 2 para-professionals to help with crowded classroom conditions. One para was placed at Bessie Ellison, and the other at Pickett.
The average class size in the elementary grades is 21.38. Several teachers were added based on Carden Park Elementary and Oak Grove Elementary, both new schools to the district. This, in part, accounts for the reduction of the average class size from 22.16 in 2013 to 21.38 for 2014. The decision regarding teacher moves and additional para-professionals was based on Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) guidelines.
Those guidelines per grade level are:
K-2: 25 students
3-4: 27 students
5-6: 30 students
Class average must be over those guidelines to qualify for an oversized classroom paraprofessional.
This was the District’s fourth consecutive year of enrollment increases, all modest; in 2013,
SJSD attendance was 11,530; in 2012, it was 11,473.