Watch Out For Potholes, and Pothole Repair Crews!

PotholeThe City of St Joseph announced Friday that it would engage in temporary, cold-mix fixes for the city’s potholes, until the hot-mix asphalt plants open for the season.

In a news release, city officials say crews will put gravel into some of the larger potholes. The rest will be filled with the cold mix material after Streets Department crews remove any loose material.

They stress that these are temporary repairs.

Officials urge you to keep an eye out for city crews making repairs. You can report potholes at the city’s hotline at (816) 871-4848.

Officials say the roadbed beneath the driving surface is heavily saturated from all the snow and melting runoff. As a result, twice a day when the pavement goes through freezing and thawing periods, the pavement contracts and expands and the surface begins to break up from beneath. The cycle continues every day until finally the pavement on the surface begins to crumble.

The result: lots of potholes.