Missouri Supreme Court Moves Forward With Two More Executions

Leon TaylorThe Missouri State Supreme Court could soon set execution dates for two convicted killers.

The high court on Thursday issued so-called “show cause orders” for two murderers currently on death row, Michael Shane Worthington and Leon Taylor.

Taylor was sentenced to death for the April, 1994 shooting death of a gas station manager in Independence, Missouri.

Evidence showed that after Taylor and a co-defendant robbed Robert Newton, he took Newton and his eight-year-old daughter to a back room where he shot Newton in the head. He tried to kill the young girl but his gun jammed. He locked the girl in the back room, with her dead father, and fled.

Taylor was sentenced to death May 11, 1995.

Michael Shane Worthing was convicted of murder for the September, 1995 strangulation death of his neighbor in St Charles County. He was sentenced to death on January 4, 1999.

Both show-cause orders require a response from the killers’ defense lawyers by April 14, and allow for a response by the state by April 24.

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    Keep the line moving

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    1,000.000,000 to go

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  • Kathy

    Let’s get them done!! Why oh why do the people of the state have to house and feed these people, when they are set to die, get it done that day judgement is passed down.. Geez, this 8 year old girl at the time has already had to live a life of trauma because of that low life, and our tax dollars let him live!! And the other one, wow, just cause you don’t like someone, don’t be going and killing them, you didn’t give them the option, so when we want to kill you, why should you or your attorney have an option… Get them executed, that is 2 down and MANY to go!! Let’s get it done

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    Thank you to all responsible for delivering long overdue justice. The victims families deserve closure. And the burden on taxpayers housing them for such long periods is senseless.

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