“Litigation Management” Scam Surfaces In Cameron

Cameron Police Dept patchThe Cameron Police Department is warning about a scam.

On Monday a citizen reported receiving notification through the mail from a ‘Litigation Management Group’ out of Stanton, California, which included a case number and an amount due.

This notice instructed the person to contact their office by phone within 10 days. The notice indicated a debt to be paid of $2000.

The scam included an enticement. The citizen was told if payment was made immediately, that amount would drop to $600 without further action.

The phone number was called and the person was connected to the ‘legal team.’ When the caller requested that he receive valid written notice, they hung up on him.

  • cm

    i live in Kansas city, missouri. today i received a letter in the mail claiming i
    owed 4,508 to Dean lawson and Litigation management group of stanton, CA.

    letter is on cheap paper and poor printing. it was sent regular mail and not certified or served by a process server.

    i checked my credit report and asked my lawyer.. definitely a scam.

    i reported them to FDCPA and california consumer complain agency.
    hopefully they can stop this before they coerce someone into paying.

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