(Update) Missouri Woman Charged With Kidnapping Florida Child 13 Years Ago

Sandy Hatte

Sandy Hatte

A 60-year-old woman is behind bars for an alleged child abduction 13 years ago.

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox says Sandy Hatte is charged with felony child abduction.

She is being held in the Daviess/Dekalb County Regional Jail under $25,000 bond.

Cox says officials at a school district in his county came forward with concerns over a recent school enrollment.

In a followup release, Cox said Hatte was not the mother of the youngster, but is alleged to have portrayed herself as the mother.

“She is related to the victim and the father but she is not a person that had legal rights to the child,” Cox said.

Cox also sought to clarify incorrect information published elsewhere. He would not say which school district was involved, in an effort to protect the identity of the child.

“This happened in one of the school districts in Livingston County,” he said.

“Too many people are jumping to conclusion that it was in the Chillicothe School districts. We have 3 public school districts here, one private school, and Livingston County residents that actually attend school in Carroll and Linn Counties. I/we are not disclosing the school location to protect the juvenile victim and true family.”

Detective Eric Menconi and Captain Sindy Fitzpatrick investigated the case, conducting background investigations and eventually finding the child’s biological father in the southern United States. Officials say the investigation led them to believe the juvenile was abducted about 13 years ago in Florida when the victim was a small child.

Authorities took custody of the child from the school on September 18 and arrested Hatte.

Cox says the woman and child were not in Livingston County for much more than 30 days. He says the evidence strongly suggests the victim and suspect had resided in “other cities, counties, and/or states” but says a definitive time line of the victim’s life and exact locations is not available at this time.

Cox says the family and victim have left his jurisdiction.

Cox offered public thanks to Richard Primm, who provided a room and breakfast for the family’s reunification at the Days Inn of Chillicothe. Cox also thanked Kevin Murry, who offered a reunion dinner at the Golden Corral restaurant.

  • Robi Moats Blake

    I hope she spends the rest of her natural life behind bars. I can’t imagine the nightmare these last 13 years must have been for this girl’s family! This woman is EVIL !!!! Who goes around stealing other people’s children?

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    • Yvonna Myers

      I have to agree Robi

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  • Wait…what

    Ok..my question is I see the post where it says they contacted the biological father …so was this the child’s mother or a stranger …regardless this is so wrong in so many ways but I just was wondering if she was the biological mom

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    • Natassia

      Paternal grandmother. She is the mother of the biological father.

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  • Mary

    Not a well written story at all… it does NOT say if she was the biological Mom or not. How confusing!

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    • hansy

      The information was not included in Sheriff Cox’es news release, but I’ll ask, just for you Mary.

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    • xtch3

      It says she was related to the victim and the victim’s father, but was NOT the child’s biological mother.

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  • Guest

    for the record, she was the grandmother of the kid – dont know all the details but she stole the kid while dad was at work one day :(

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  • mee

    “A Florida boy who was kidnapped as an infant 13-years-ago by his biological grandmother has finally been reunited with his dad. For the past 13 years his 60-year-old grandmother, Sandy Hatte, has been posing as the boy’s mother. Reports say the two of them have moved around several times before landing in Livingston, Missouri.”
    Google Sandy Hatte and you’ll find real news articles…


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