Mother Granted Probation After Shock Time In Death Of Disabled Daughter

Posted 2 years ago

By John P Tretbar

SCHURR ALEXANDRA INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER SENT 6 YEARS DOCAlexandra Schurr of St Joseph has been released from custody after serving shock time for the death of her four-year-old daughter.

Defense lawyer Tim Warren says Schurr was released Wednesday morning after serving 120 days in the Women’s Reception and Diagnostic Center in Vandalia, Missouri.

Schurr pleaded guilty in February to involuntary manslaughter for leaving her disabled daughter unattended last October.

The youngster died of asphyxiation because of problems with her feeding machine.

In April, Circuit judge Daniel Kellogg ordered a six-year prison term, but retained jurisdiction and ordered 120 days of shock time in jail.

On Wednesday, Kellogg granted five years probation. Warren says the six-year prison term remains in effect, and could be reinstated if Schurr violates the terms of her probation.

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  • Dama Cox

    Are you flipping kidding me. That is so sad!!

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  • JR

    let her rot in prison

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  • Jules

    Mandatory sterilization is in order for this chick. She effectively suffocated this child who could do nothing to stop it or to help herself. She was totally dependent on an idiot. I have a disabled daughter and this just rips out my heart. :'(

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    “You killed your child, you deserve prison…how’s 4 months sound?” WTF! Are you kidding me St. Jo? This is beyond ridiculous, I can’t decide if it’s some sort of joke or not.

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  • Angela

    Oh well, she’s got to live with herself. My mom left us kids alone while she rested from migraine headaches, so I know moms can be too stressed out. But I hope Alexandra doesn’t have any more kids.

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