Officer Injured In “Routine Traffic Stop”

SJPD badge with flagOfficer Brian McClintick of the St Joseph Police Department refused medical treatment after he was hurt during what started as a routine traffic stop.

Commander Janice Rothganger says Officer McClintick pulled over a pickup truck near Gene Field and Woodbine at about 2:23 am Friday.

The truck did not have working tail lights and had problems with the license plates.

The driver took off as he was speaking with the officer. The vehicle his officer McClintick, but luckily pushed him off to the side.

“He was able to determine where the suspects were headed,” Rothganger said.

“He found the vehicle. It had crashed through a wooden fence, in the 1500 block of Randolph, and was parked, abandoned in a back yard.”

Rothganger says the suspects have been identified, but remain at large. If you have information that could help, call the TIPS hotline at (816) 238-TIPS.

Rotherganger says all traffic stops carry a certain amount of risk.

“Officers always have to prepare in their mind, to have a backup plan, to get out of a situation if it doesn’t go the way that they wanted to.”

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