KCP&L Drops St Joseph Solar Installer from Rebate, FBI Investigating


Kansas City Power and Light will no longer work with a St Joseph company as part of its solar energy rebate program.

The utility said Monday an audit found numerous systems installed by U.S. Solar provided less power capacity than customers were promised. The company then allegedly overcharged those customers and collected more rebates than justified.

A St Joseph resident confirmed just that.

Richard Sharp of St Joseph had an installation  of solar panels done by U.S. Solar at his home.  The contract he has and the contract U.S. Solar reported to KCP&L are different, Sharp said.

“72 panels went to KCP&L, my contract says 36. My system says eight, their system says 16. KCP&L was given a P.O. Box for the rebate check and my contract has my address,” Sharp said.

Sharp received a copy of the contract US Solar sent to KCP&L.

The owner of U.S. Solar, Trevor Dryden, said in reports provided by the Associated Press, the allegations are wrong. He said the company reduced the number of panels in some systems but larger panels provided the capacity that was promised.  An attempt to contact Dryden Tuesday morning by St Joseph Post was unsuccessful.  

KCP&L reported the audits were completed by wattage, not by the number of solar panels.

Sharp had reported problems with his system after installation to U.S. Solar.  Someone would come look at the system, but no repair work was ever made, according to Sharp.

KCP&L and Sharp have said the FBI is investigating.   Sharp, who is holding off an a civil lawsuit, was questioned by the FBI months ago when he started to proceed with the civil suit.

When I initiated that and I went down to talk with city police, the FBI was there to question me,” Sharp said.

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