How to Stage Your Home On a Budget

Are you interested in putting your house on the market? Has your house been listed with little movement? According to TLC, when marketing your home, there are five inexpensive tips you should consider to seal the deal!

1. De-Clutter

One of the first steps to take when selling your home, is to clean, clean, clean! While throwing trash away is helpful, don’t stop there. Simplify rooms by removing knickknacks and items that collect dust. An over-crowded room can be overwhelming. Remove extra furniture to open up the room for better traffic flow. You can store what you plan on moving that doesn’t need to be staged in storage boxes. This will help lighten the load in the moving process.

2. Spruce Up the Yard

Think outside the box, and share your attention with your landscaping. This is the first thing that sellers see, before they even step foot in your home. Add mulch and potted plants for a fresh look. In addition, patios and decks should be cleaned as though they are utilized regularly.

3. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint, can transform the look of a room. Using neutral tones widens a space. While you may love your bright fuchsia bathroom, it can distract and deter buyers. Play it safe by going with neutral tones. Also, consider painting doors, window frames, stairwells, and baseboards to freshen things up.

4. Lighten Up

While some may think of changing lighting fixtures, start by simply cleaning the windows and screens. Use transparent window treatments to allow more light in. However, don’t ignore your fixtures. Make sure to fix any broken fixtures. Adding lamps can really boost the brightness and be inviting to a buyer.

5. Replace Hardware

An inexpensive way to modernize your home, is to change handles and knobs throughout the home. The kitchen is key as this is a primary focus of the home. If you have to be selective, spend your resources in the kitchen. The front door is also a great place to switch out or clean-up the knob or door knocker as this is the entry way to your home.