Governor Visits St Joe To Defend Veto Of Prescription Drug Tax Bill

Governor Jay Nixon

Governor Jay Nixon

Governor Jay Nixon visited a local pharmacy in St. Joseph to discuss House Bill 253, which would eliminate the current sales tax exemption on prescription drugs.

According to the governor, result in an estimated tax increase of $200 million annually.

The Governor vetoed House Bill 253 last month. Some members of the Missouri General Assembly have said they would try to override at the annual veto session this September.

While speaking at Medicine Center Pharmacy the Governor said the $200 million tax increase in House Bill 253 would make it harder for families to afford the medications they need to manage chronic conditions or treat an illness.

“If this bill became law, Missourians would pay a new tax of up to 10 percent in some communities on prescription drugs, including insulin injections, asthma inhalers, and blood pressure medication,” Gov. Nixon said. “Putting additional barriers between Missourians and the lifesaving medications they need is unacceptable and quite frankly, dangerous.”