Bethany Man Gets Life For Murder Of Son

KING TONY MURDER 250000 BONDA Bethany, Missouri man has been sentenced to life in prison, plus 30-years, for killing his seven-year-old son in 2012 and then setting fire to their home.

Tony Ray King, 30, was convicted by a jury in St Joseph after the case was moved out of Harrison County on a change of venue.

The jury found him guilty of 1st degree murder, 2nd degree arson, and child abuse.  Circuit Judge Randall Jackson ordered King to serve life without parole for murder, and 15 years for each of the other two counts.  Those sentences will be served consecutively.

He is also charged with murdering his cellmate Michael Anthony Bozarth last month.

Court documents allege King strangled his the 25-year-old Bozarth in the Buchanan County Jail. Bozarth, a registered sex offender, was in the jail on allegations of molestation of two children under 9-years-old.  A preliminary hearing is scheduled July 23.


  • shelly

    fry his butt quit wasting our money on trials.

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  • Allen

    I agree, fry his butt but as they are strapping him in the chair pat him on the back for taking another worthless child molester off the streets with him and then let him know that they will hit the switch one extra time to make sure he gone too!

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  • Harold Noble

    I applaude you sir, on taking out another piece of child molester.

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    If it weren’t for the fact that he not only strangled his 7 year old, but also lit his home on fire to cover it up, I’d say they should release him, hopefully he gets the death penalty for what he did to his son, but I don’t think they should charge him for Bozarth’s death, guy was probably going to get it one way or the other anyway, I just think it’s sad that convicted murderers do more about child molesters than the actual justice system does.

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    • mlr


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  • to

    But why did he do it?…….

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