Preliminary Hearing Set in Jail Murder

KING TONY MURDER 250000 BONDA preliminary hearing is set next month for the murder of a Buchanan County jail-mate.

In an arraignment hearing this morning, the preliminary hearing was set for July 23rd for 29-year-old suspect Tony King.

Court documents allege King strangled his cellmate, 25-year-old Michael Bozarth, last week in the Buchanan County jail.

Bozarth, a registered sex offender, was in the jail on allegations of molestation of two children under 9-years-old.  Jury Trial was set for November on those charges.

King was convicted of killing his 7-year-old son and burning their Harrison County home to hide the crime. He was awaiting sentencing in the jail and will be sentenced on those charges in a couple weeks.

  • Captain

    Seems we should pat this guy on the back for taking out a scumbag. I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty but the guy he killed was a predator to children. In my opinion he got what he deserved. I have a year old daughter. Nothing would hold me back from anyone who would harm her. So I imagine the families of the kids who were molested by that scum are glad too. Sometimes things work out.

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  • Captain

    The guy who did the killing is a scum too. I didnt mean to paint him in a bright light.

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  • jb06

    Interesting that he was convicted of killing his 7 yr old son and felt the need to kill the child predator. Id say kudos to him but he took his own childs life…very disturbed individual!

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  • Allen

    I give him kudos, not only for taking care of piece of trash like Bozarth (the justice system couldn’t seem to do it) but for also insuring that he will rot away or perhaps be taken care of himself!

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