NWMO U.S. Rep Graves “Dissappointed” on Farm Bill Failure

Congressman Sam Graves

Congressman Sam Graves

US Congressman Sam Graves of northwest Missouri was one of many who expressed disappointment with the failure to pass a farm bill in the U.S. House.

After the vote, Graves said he hopes the House will soon consider a revised bill.

“Passage of the bill would have marked a critical step in moving us toward a conference with the Senate and ultimately passing a five-year Farm Bill to provide certainty to farmers and growers,” Graves said. “The fact of the matter is, everyone relies on farms three times a day, so it is in our best interest to finally pass a long-term Farm Bill.  This cannot be the end of the process.  I hope that the House will soon consider a revised bill that can pass the chamber and get us closer to working through our differences with the Senate.”

The bill was officially titled as the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013. The bill contained significant cuts to the food stamp program that the White House threatened to veto.

Ag commodity group leaders believed if the bill passed the House, a House and Senate joint committee would have ironed out the details to bring a more balanced approach the White House would accept.

Missouri Corn Growers Executive Director, Gary Marshal, noted that cooler heads need to prevail.

“It is very disappointing I think to all farmers and people that live in rural America that folks out in D.C. Just can’t get their act together,” Marshal said. “Its too bad it’s politics all the time and its not whats doing right for America because if they wanted to do whats right for America they would pass a farm bill”

  • Regina O

    I must say I am extremely dissapointed in Sam Graves, he voted Yes on a bill that wants to balance the budget by cutting help to the needy, to the tune of 20.5 Billion dollars. How about they cut double that amount from the rich corporate farmers…seems like a better idea to me. Do not balance the budget on the backs of those who have very little to lose.

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  • jake truth

    Have you met a “corporate farmer?” USDA data shows 96% of america’s farm are family owned.

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    • chester copperpot

      So let’s raise the taxes on the 4% to help the needy. Next.

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  • http://stjosephpost stjoebear

    Sam Graves is a miserable failure both in politics and as a husband and parent. Go fly your airplane Sam and at least make use of your nice airport you built yourself and your cronies. Then please retire from politics.

    Current score: 1
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