Kansas man Gives Son Unique Punishment

post logoA northeast Kansas man says his son needed to learn a lesson.

You may have seen the boy holding a sign along U.S. 36 highway this morning near Wathena.

The sign read “I like to steal and lie about it!”

The boy spent about two hours with the sign, which drew some harsh criticisms and some welcoming handshakes.

Some honked or pulled over the shake the dad’s hand but others called it child abuse and one man even pulled the sign out of the boys hand before the father was able to retrieve it.

The father says he devised the punishment after the boy lied about stealing video games and a console from a neighbor’s home. He called his son “a wonderful kid” but says he needed to learn a lesson.



  • Tammy

    I do not see this as child abuse at all! The kid might very well be a wonderful kid but he is also a thief. He needs to be held accountable for his decision to take something that did not belong to him. This needs to be nipped in the bud because if he is allowed to get away with it, what will he steal next? Dad did the right thing and we need more parents like him.

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  • Let’s Let The….

    debates begin!

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  • saywhat

    How is this unique punishment? It’s been done over and over. It’s been news locally and nationally. It’s old news, it it’s news at all.

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  • saywhat


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  • Nate

    I saw it, turned around and pointed it out to my 6 year old. He simply said ” it’s not good to steal or lie I bet he learned his lesson and won’t do it again. He’s having a bad day” Thats a six year old! For you saying child abuse it’s the people like you in this world creating the youth we live with today! Shame on you! Kuddos to the dad!

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  • dustin

    This a great father

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  • kelley

    Whether it is an old punishment, new punishment or been done over and over, i bet the kid doesn’t do it again. More parents should come out and show that with actions come consequences, not just a slap on the hand, time out or promise you won’t do it again. kudos to that dad!!

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    • saywhat

      I do not have issues with his method of punishment, I do have an issue as to it being news.

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  • Stupid

    The man who tried to forcefully take the sign from the child should spend a night in jail for assault.

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    • Sweet Daddy

      I certainly agree.

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  • http://google Awesome DAD!!!

    I would have done the same thing..Way to go DAD…….and as for the guy who took the sign, I agree he should have been charged with assult!!!!

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  • batman

    The guy that took the sign should be arrested for stealing

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  • the joker

    If more parents would punish their children for their wrong doings this wouldn’t even been a debate. We shouldn’t as parents have to take our punishments that far but our current society allows children to behave badly, be disrespectful, and moody in fact its expected now! When I was a child I would have had a lot more to worry about than holding a sign for two hours if I had stolen from my neighbors. But when teen idols are driving drunk, getting caught smoking drugs, etc and parent’s aren’t allowed to effectively punish their children then kids act like fools.

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