Woman Wins $13 million Judgement Against Vattorott College

Posted 2 years ago

By Associated Press

gavel with cashA Missouri woman has won a $13 million judgment against Vatterott College in a lawsuit over advice she was given during enrollment at the school.

Jennifer Kerr of Lee’s Summit alleged that she was misled when she enrolled in the school’s medical assistant’s degree program in 2009. She says after being at the school for 60 weeks she was told she was enrolled in a different program and would have to spend another $10,000 and more time to achieve her goal.

A Jackson County jury on Friday found Missouri-based Vatterott Educational Centers Inc. had violated the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.

The decision is certain to be appealed, and the punitive amount the jury awarded far exceeds the maximum allowed under state law.


  • tiredofyou

    That’s what happens when you lie to people! Don’t know why anyone would go there anyway….you should receive a Degree for your time and money, not a “diploma”. That diploma and $2.75 will getcha a beer at Norty’s

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  • victim also

    would love to know who the attorneys were….victim from another POS school

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  • http://None Wow

    13 million is a little high I think. She would of never earned that in a lifetime. But what the hell, I am not the judge? I am just going to go spill some McDonalds hot coffee on myself.

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  • There is a difference in being sued because of misleading information, then saying that you weren’t in the program you thought you were and that you would have to pay another $10k. AND saying Vatterott is a bad school. You get out what you put in. If you go in thinking that it’s a piece of cake and expect them to coddle you, you’re in the wrong place. As students, we fill out surveys in the middle and at the end of each phase. If the teachers should doing a better job, my job as a student is to make them. I’m not looking for an easy way out. I expect it to be hard. I go in every day with the attitude that they ARE going to teach me!!! If I’m paying $34K to get an associates degree, they’re going to earn it!!! I’m not looking for an easy A! I want to think, to learn, to push the limits of what I have done in the past. I need to know the information they are teaching, whether they get to it or not, I still need to learn the information. It really hacks me off when I read all of these bad reviews from people who went to Vatterott and say they didn’t get anything out of it…Well, if you didn’t get anything out of it, you didn’t do your job!!!

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  • Former student

    Vatterott is a crap hole of a school. I completed the computer programming path in 99. I applied to places all over the US and after many months of job searching I finally wanted to know the reason why I was not being hired. So I called two different places I had applied to asked them if they could explain why I was not receiving calls for interviews not that I expected to get a position from them now but what I was told from both companies is that Vatterott is only profitable to you if you already hold a position and you are receiving additional training for your current job. Also they claimed that they have a high job placement after graduating, about 2 months after graduating they called to ask where I was working and when I told them they asked if they could put me down as a person on their job placement list. The problem with this was I worked there before I started school and just because I sit at a computer ANSWERING PHONES dose not mean I am a computer programmer. They sell their programs to people who don’t know better at the time and yes I was one of those people. Their “teachers” are not teachers they are instructors, and an instructor there may have been the person who kept your seat warm 2 class cycles ago while getting their DIPLOMA. If you don’t believe that to be possible check into it, class of Dec 1999 in computer programming, students name was Jay couple cycles later he was an instructor.

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    • Was it Sam in charge of the computer programming back in 99?

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  • another former student

    I am another former student and Vatterott never helped me find a job. I had a job so they wouldn’t help me find a position in my field of study. I received a computer office assistant certificate which means nothing. They also didn’t help my mom, aunt or best friend find positions. They claim you will get a degree but you get a certificate or diploma.

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  • Again, what you put into it is what you will get out. Have high expectations and don’t settle for less!!

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