Missouri Woman Sentenced To One Year For Cellphone Related Crash That Killed Baby

Jefferson City PD badgeA central Missouri woman whose son died in a car accident while she was talking on a cellphone has been sentenced to one year in a county jail.

Thirty-one-year-old Stephanie Wiebold of Meta was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty to careless and imprudent driving.

Her 2-year-old son, Dallen Rackers, died when Wiebold’s car went off the road and hit a rock embankment.

Wiebold was on the phone when the accident occurred.

Police also said her son was unrestrained while riding in the back seat and was thrown forward by the impact. Dallen died a few weeks after the accident.

  • k smith

    1 year? Really? That’s the going rate for the life of a child??

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  • Come on!

    Why do people not use car-seats? I don’t undertstand. She has the money to pay for a cell phone and billing, but not to make sure her child is safe. Makes me sad.

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  • Honestly even if they aren’t in a car seat you should make sure they are atleast wearing their seatbelts and hey maybe you shouldn’t be talking on your cell phone while you’re driving anyway. Especially when there is another person in the car with you. You’re not only risking your life but the other persons too. Idk how many people have almost caused me an accident because they were on their phones.

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