Residents Scared Of Woman Who Claims Children Are Hers

Livingston County SealLivingston County authorities are investigating a scary situation Thursday night. Sheriff Steve Cox says a woman entered a home in the northwest part of the county to take two children from the home.

Cox says the woman had no legal right to be in the home, does not live there, and is not related to the children.

The deputies arrested Robin Lynn Swanson, 36, Chillicothe, for alleged Burglary 1st Degree and Attempted Kidnapping.

Ms. Swanson is currently incarcerated in the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail pending formal charges being filed. She was arrested for trespassing at the same home a week earlier.

The victims have reported being fearful of the suspect, who is adamant the children in the home were hers.  Cox says they are not.

One deputy had a traffic accident responding to the initial call.  Click here for more.