Deputy Escapes Injury In 90 MPH Crash










Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputy escaped serious injury after crashing his patrol vehicle during an emergency response Thursday night.

Sheriff Steve Cox says Deputy Brady Graham was on Highway 190 west of the Thompson River Bridge and lost control of the patrol car. The vehicle careened off the roadway, causing extensive damage.

Deputy Graham did not seek immediate medical attention.  The accident is being investigated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  Graham was on his way to a kidnapping case when the crash occurred.  (Click here for more)

“We have reviewed the in-car camera system and it appears the deputy had reached a speed of 92 M.P.H. at one point prior to the crash,” Cox said in a news release.

“We will further review the accident report in addition to our office policies as we review all internal accidents,” Cox said.

“Fortunately this was a one-car crash and no one was seriously injured. Deputy Graham’s pride and body are probably rather sore today but we a re glad he is OK.”

  • popo

    looks like some one was trying to blow the cobwebs out…..inexperienced

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  • Eh

    I know that lives often depend on how quickly an officer can arrive, and I know this one happened out of town, but I’ll never forget the time I saw a Saint Joseph police officer plowing down 10th street at high speed, popped over a hill so fast that he had to swerve around a woman who was holding a baby as she crossed the road. He didn’t even need to be going that fast because his destination was on the very same block as the woman he almost hit. What was he being called to protect us from? A man drinking a beer on his front porch. Worth a potential traffic accident? I don’t think so.

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