Pentagon Announces Furloughs For 680,000 Civilian Employees

The Pentagon announced plans to furlough about 680,000 of its civilian employees for up to 11 days through the end of this fiscal year. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced the schedule of the furloughs Tuesday.

The plan would allow only limited exceptions for the military to avoid or reduce the unpaid days off.

Secretary of State Chuck Hagel announced the schedule for the furlough process:
• May 28-June 5: Furlough proposal notices will be served to individual employees subject to furloughs.
• June 4-June 12: Individual employee reply periods end 7 calendar days from when the proposal was received, unless Component procedures allow for a different reply period.
• June 5 -July 5: Furlough decision letters will be served to individual employees subject to furloughs, depending on when the proposal was received and prior to the first day of furlough.
• July 8: Furlough period begins no earlier than this date.

He says in the memo that if the “budgetary situation” allows it, he will look to bring an early end to the furloughs.

About 255 employees at the 139th Airlift Wing at Rosecrans Airport could be affected.