Senior Detective To Become Evidence Custodian For St Joe PD

SJPD patchDetective Paul Gatewood retired from the St Joseph Police Department on Friday, but isn’t going anywhere. The 22-year veteran will soon take a civilian job with the department as Evidence Custodian.

Gatewood has been the lead investigator on several recent homicide investigations in St Joseph.

“Honestly I hate to see him go,” said Captain Matt Rock.

“He’s a very skilled person and a top-notch guy.”

Filling the gap in the Detective Division will be patrol officer Chris Davis, who is currently at the top of the detective eligibility list at St Joe PD.

  • Sweet Daddy

    Paul is an extremely fine young man, One of the nicest, friendliest members of the PD you could ever meet. Good Luck in your new position.

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  • Jacob

    Congrats on your huge accomplishment..Cant wait to follow in your footsteps

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