Saint Joseph School District Chief Financial Officer Retires

Janet Pullen, Chief Financial Officer

Janet Pullen, Chief Financial Officer

The Saint Joseph School District is losing its chief financial officer. Janet Pullen has announced her retirement effective July 1. She has been the district’s go-to budget expert since 2001.

Superintendent Melody Smith praises Pullen’s integrity and work ethic. Pullen says she has enjoyed working on the district’s leadership team and moving our schools forward. It’s the latest leadership departure in a series that began with Smith’s decision to retire at the end of the school year. 

  • Charlie

    I hope this is NOT a case of “When it comes out in the wash” we, the public were presented with a bunch of misinformation just to get the bond issue passed. Dr. Smith is a difficult one to take at face value. With all the departures I can’t help but feel suspicious Regardless of whether Dr. Smith was upstanding or not, I wish Ms. Pullen the very best and hope the district can move in a forward direction once all is sorted out.

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