Guilty Pleas Earn Consecutive Life Prison Terms In Death Of Sisters

Clifford Miller

Clifford Miller


A Trimble, Missouri man will serve two consecutive life prison terms for beating and suffocating two women in Edgerton last summer. Clifford Miller, 32, pleaded guilty Tuesday in a Platte County courtroom.

Miller admitted killing Britny Haarup, 19, and her sister Ashley Key, 22, in July 2012. Platte County Circuit Judge Owens Lee Hull Jr sentenced Miller to two consecutive life prison terms.


Miller did not speak at the hearing.

Investigators say he left Haarup’s two infant children alone in a crib as he drove the two bodies to a remote area and dumped them next to a soybean field.

Authorities began searching for the women after Haarup’s fiance came home and found that their 5-month-old daughter and her 18-month-old sister had been alone for hours. Prosecutors also said there was blood in the Edgerton residence, located about 35 miles north of Kansas City.

Prosecutors say Miller told investigators he went to the home high on methamphetamine intending to rape Haarup.


  • me

    So he is going to be in prison til he dies?? Why not speed up the process and give him the death penalty?!? I for one do not believe my tax dollars should go to support someone that has committed such a crime, nor should I support child molestors or abusers either. Give him the needle!

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  • don

    I agree with ‘me’ – but it ‘s far more expensive to execute someone convicted of a crime, than to keep him in prison for life. The appeal process takes years, it has several layers and can cost the county millions of dollars.
    Your tax dollars are better spent keeping him in jail where he can wake every morning and remember what he has done to get to where he is now.

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    • MYL

      I agree with don!

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  • Mylissa Stutesman

    Actually, the death sentence costs more in the long run. Appeals on the judicial system is much more costly than housing a prisoner for life. Let him rot, and have to think everyday about what he did… and the fact he can no longer be free would be a reminder of his actions!

    Current score: 2
  • coach

    Would some one tell me for wat reason are we not putting this man to death ?He told the police his intentions,did he not ? There for admitting guilt !!Wow!! is being screwed up on that meth junk a excuse or the reason he still lives and those 2 ladies do not ?And what about those childern now growing up without there mother? How much will the cost of that be upon the state? EYE FOR AN EYE!!!!!!!

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  • Wow

    I will donate the bullet for him

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