Buchanan County Booking Activity 4/23/2013

Here’s the latest booking activity from the Buchanan County Jail. All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law.

These are courtesy photos. This information is provided by the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office and is not criminal history.

The St Joseph Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information.

  • Jeff Spicholi

    Dude, Cameron where you get your hair done? Awesome!

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  • Amanda

    Wtf? Josh really…? again??

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  • dianna

    Josh your an idiot…you get what you deserve…loser

    Current score: 1
    • http://St.JoePost Bruce

      Josh Mack is an idiot. He was given 6 yrs. in prison and I look on here and not only is he out in less than a year but has done it again and “out on bond”! We the people paid for his lawyer, it took almost a year to get him through the court system after delay, after delay, after delay. Who knows how long he’s been out. “BURGLARY” again! Buchanan County Justice is a joke. Build a dog house without permit and see what happens to you in this town. I guess the Courts are waiting for him to kill someone before they will do anything more than slap his hand and let him out to do it again. Judge Robb is the right? Is this justice?

      Current score: 7
      • http://St.JoePost Bruce

        *Judge Robb is “this” right?

        Current score: 2
  • http://stjosephpost.com sad town we live in

    trailor park glamour shots!

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  • So Sad

    Kristin – It is so sad to see your face here, your sister would want to hug you and tell you everything is all right. Don’t destroy yourself over her death, she was all about living.

    Current score: 3
  • bigdog

    look you get what you deserve( ezell) ….. lets play to caught a thief……and your name kepts coming up, but hey look you been taught by the best right ……lmao

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  • Someone

    Hahah Joey, you never learn do you. you going spend most your life in jail.

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  • LED

    What a pack of repeat losers. They should just put tracers on them like the moose population being introduced in south Missouri. How many strikes do you get in life? Cats only get 9 and they’re supposedly “stupid”. Lol

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  • what

    Well look the women beater is back in jail for stolen property…. Surprise .. Oh just lock robert up already and throw away the key hes better in jail away from his son anyway… Bet his son is real proud of his dead beat dad…

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  • uhh


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  • coach

    What makes their eyes so large and bungeyed looking ?HAHAHA

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  • going to get their’s

    Kristen girl I can’t believe you are in jail. First your husband and now you.. what are the babies going through with both of you gone…. they dont have a chance in this world.

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    • Cant catch a break!

      Kristen, looks like you cant buy any more pills now that you got caught!
      your kids are probably better off anyway! Get help- pill head!

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  • Randy Griggs

    Damn big dog didnt know i was going get you in this much trouble sorry. I wont send you out to do missions no more :p ya bud jist stock with your day job cause you suck dick better then you steal

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  • poncho

    bigdog thats funny i feel ya look at it this way the old generation teaching the new……trash dont ever go away it called dna

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