Murder Charges Filed Against St Joseph Man


A St Joseph man faces charges stemming from a December Murder.

Online court documents from Wednesday show 32-year-old Kim D. Keith was charged with 2nd Degree Murder from December 8th.

57-year-old Clinton Justice was found dead in his apartment by his daughter who had to force her way in. The investigation has been ongoing, and police recovered a weapon in January thought to possibly connected to the murder.

Keith is being held on a $250,000 bond. Arraignment is scheduled for April 9th.

Two others connected to the case were charged with tampering with evidence. 44-year-old Angel Henderson and Joshua Mollett were each charged with a class D felony.

  • Julie

    The cops are fishing here . If Angela and Joshua were present , how come they weren’t charged with murder ? Because they weren’t there . Newspressnow is reporting all three were present at the time of the murder . I’m not a lawyer but Im smart enough to know all three would be charged . Spmething smells fishy.

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  • Andrea

    Because, while they were most likely there, they probably didn’t actually commit the murder. If they were accomplices to the murder, but did not commit the murder, they are charged with a lesser crime – as is the case here. Clearly the police believe that Kim Keith is the murder and charged him with such. Nothing is complete until the end of the trial of the evildoers, and who knows the two accomplices may be found not guilty.

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  • nicole steiner

    Angela was not there that night. she was with a family member. the child need to investigate a little more thoroughly.

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  • nicole steiner


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  • Andy_08

    They are not saying the angel and josh was there. At this time they are saying they alegedly attempted to help dispose of the the murder weapon. It is still very early in the process and a lot of things and charges can change.

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