KCK Mom Charged With Trying To Drown Her Two Infant Daughters

Johnna Green

Johnna Green

A Kansas City mom is charged with trying to drown her own children, ages one and four.

Wyandotte County Prosecutor Jerome Gorman on Thursday announced attempted first-degree charges against Johnna Green, 23, of 2925 S. 52nd St. in Kansas City, Kansas.

The two girls were rushed to the University of Kansas Hospital Tuesday night where they remain in critical condition.


In court documents, prosecutors say Green held at least one of the children under water for a prolonged period of time until she was unresponsive. Green is being held under $1 million bail and is scheduled for court Friday afternoon.

The children were identified as J.T., 1 year old, and J.G., 4 years old. Gorman said J.T.’s father lived at the home with Green and the girls and has been talking to investigators.

  • missy

    the one person who a child expects to protect them has betrayed them… i hope she rots in prison

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  • Disgusted

    Someone needs to hold her head below water.

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    • http://None Wow

      Save the water and time, how about a bullet to her head? You cant fix this woman.

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  • http://www.stjosephpost.com/2013/04/04/kck-mom-charged-with-trying-to-drown-kids/ James

    hope this lady goes to prison so the people in prison can ask her what she done and when she tells them they are going to do the same to her if not kill her i hope they do because that is so wrong to do to your kids!!!!!

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  • Alyssa

    I hope her cellmate stuffs her head in their toilet.

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  • http://st.josephpost die sinister

    Up in this neck of the woods, killing children can get you from 120 days to 5 years on average it seems. Just don’t get caught selling a little pot or writing a bad check. Then we’re talking real time. Is it any wonder it happens almost everyday in one form or another.Maybe we need to look at some type of sterilization and testing to see if you have the mothering instincts of a Cow bird.

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    • Kill her

      Listen please put this Devil on death r

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