Former Police Chief Wins Mayor’s Race In Wathena

From Brian Walker's Facebook page

From Brian Walker’s Facebook page

Brian Walker won election as Mayor of the City of Wathena, Kansas Tuesday, beating incumbent Robert Ryser by four votes.

There were four “scattered” write in votes.

Walker resigned as the city’s police chief nearly two years ago after the city council suspended him.

There were widespread rumors in Wathena about what prompted the the suspension.


Numerous city officials, including Ryser, refused to comment at the time, calling it a “personnel matter.”   The Kansas Attorney General’s Office announced it would not pursue any charges in the matter.

In other mayoral races in Doniphan County, George Mitchell won in Elwood, beating Chuck Adkins 118-109. In Troy, Tim Hanlan beat out David Horton and Margaret Sutherland. Write-in candidate Billy Lynn Frump beat two other candidates for mayor of Severance.

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    Real cute! The things people were saying he was suspended for were sexting a 14 year old girl and receiving naked pictures of underage girls on his police phone! I actually think on the news something was stated about a 14 yr old girl! GREAT JOB WATHENA!

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  • u

    Dont you think if there was Any evidence the AG’s office would’ve filed charges against the former Chief? I think its poetic justice or maybe KARMA that Brian was elected.. Good Luck Chief Hall on your next job

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  • wow

    Why would anyone talk trash on chief hall or walker like that???? Such trashy people…. they are both great guys

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  • berry

    Congradulation Brian!!!!! Good things happen to good people! Maybe that town will wake up to a new ray of sunshine and get rid of all those old clouds.

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