Livingston County Sheriff Seeks Info On Accident

Livingston CrashLaw Enforcement officers in Livingston county are seeking information regarding an accident last week.

They are trying to track down someone involved in the accident who they believe ran from the scene.

Officers responded to the accident Friday morning around 6:45 on Livingston County Road 233. A deputy found a male at the scene suffering from serious injuries and was reported to be very cold. He was taken to the hospital in Chillicothe.

22-year-old Lance Surber of Chillicothe was identified as the driver, according to a Missouri Highway Patrol crash report.

The investigation has led law enforcement to believe another person may have left the scene of the accident without calling 911. A passing motorist called 911 a short time after the accident.

The Livingston County Sheriffs office is seeking information on the rest of the story from the other possible occupants in the car. If you have information, you’re asked to call Chief Deputy Micheal Claypole or Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox.