Child Molestation Suspect Arraigned

Jeffery Scott Courter

Jeffery Scott Courter

A registered sex offender charged for at least the third time with child molestation was arraigned Tuesday.

Jeffery Courter is charged with fondling a girl under the age of 13 last year.

He was arraigned via video conference from the Buchanan County Jail, where he is being held without bond.


Judge Keith Marquardt scheduled a preliminary hearing for April 19th, and scheduled a status hearing April 12th. According to court records, Courter will apply for a court appointed lawyer.

  • Just a thought

    Why, why, do we as a society let this vermin continue to live?

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  • wormoligy

    well for one thing its a false charge.a person named poncho’s girlfriend is makeing false reports because she knows his history and she dosent like him.they were all on a week long benge on meth.if u know her she has made false reports in the past also.but that’s what happens when people wont put down the glass pipe. f—–g meth heads you cant believe any of them.

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    • Uhh

      It came from the victim, you dolt.

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  • Dallas

    Okay wormoligy even if that’s the case why is this guy walking our streets with 2 prior convictions? Once a sick F*** always a sick F**/!!! Put him with all the other cho mos behind bars for life.

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  • coach


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