Buchanan County Passes Use Tax (By One Percent!)

BUchanan County Courthouse 2Voters in Buchanan County have approved the 1.1% Use Tax for out of state purchases.

Just 6,717 people cast ballots Tuesday, out of 52,811 registered voters. That’s a voter turnout of 12.72%

There were 3,391 “yes” votes (50.54%), and 3,318 “no” votes (49.46%).

  • Christina

    That’s wonderful, I don’t see where our taxes go anyway. We have terrible roads compared to other cities. The town literally smells like burnt hair (downtown), the schools are terrible compared to the rest of the 50 states and yet I am sure this city collects more than its fair share in taxes.

    Current score: 3
  • http://stjosephpost.com Big Daddy

    It would be nice if St. Joe were more progressive. I think a large portion of this town is not a fan of change or new ideas, aside from a new buffet lunch spot. Now if only they’d do something about the rat hole Mertland Apartments and junkies on 6th street that deter potential business. A lot of folks don’t go downtown due to the riff raff.

    Current score: 2
  • Sweet Daddy

    I no longer want to see comments in the newspaper regarding ” We don’t want any more Tax ” those of you who previously voted no but failed to get out & vote yesterday proved once & for all to the so called leaders of this city & county just keep cramming the same thing down their thoats eventually they will give in.

    Current score: 3