Repeat Child Molester Charged Again

Jeffery Scott Courter

Jeffery Scott Courter

A registered sex offender is charged for the third time with molesting young girls. Formal arraignment is scheduled Tuesday, April 2, for Jeffery Courter.

The 37-year-old St Joseph man is being held without bond on one count of first-degree child molestation. Courter is accused of fondling a girl under the age of 13.

He has prior convictions on the charge in 1996 and again in 2003.

  • Bonnie

    So why was he released so soon after the second charge? Thats our judicial system for you.

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  • kristen

    Why do they keep letting these people out? Let all the non violent drug offenders out of prison, and put these people in there for life.

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  • Cheri

    So after looking this dude up on case net, he has yet to satisfy all of the fines he received in 1998. He has appeared before Judge Marquart two times for his sex offenses, Judge Taylor for drugs and Judge Kellogg for failing to register as a sex offender. Why he keeps getting a slap on the wrist for being a danger to society is beyond me! Perhaps we need to ask these judges!

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  • Thomas

    Well you do realize these judges are up for re-election rather often yet the reality is their jobs are more secure than yours or mine because people just vote to keep them – personally I think change is good.

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  • me

    WTF?? Three times and he is out.. Hell you get more punishment for drugs then you do molesting a child or killing someone…Pure ignorance…This could of been prevented…. Just keep letting them out …Whats more disturbing is this could be prevented if theyd just lock em all up and throw away the keys… I am sorry but I could care less what happens to people like this…Hand em over to the prison…

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  • randy


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  • Patrick

    He’s a F’ing douche nozzle! – Barry Weiss

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  • noone

    Let this freak go live in the judges homes then.

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  • Buffy

    if all of you mean any of that you should write the
    prosecutor & judge a letter?

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  • coach

    I have castered alot of livestock bring that sicko by

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  • wwjd

    Buffy…get a does no good in this county to write the judge or prosecutor anything. In my experience in this county is who you know and how deep your pockets are. Now let this sick bastard into andrew county..well he’d get what’s coming to him legally.

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  • Candy

    I like a lot of the comments on here. I have said this before………..You cannot successfully treat a pedophile, castration would not work to stop them either. They have to be put to death or imprisoned for life without the possibility of parole.

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  • SMA

    Wow! I personally know Jeff & have for the last 3 years, I also know his victim & have known her 3 years also. I know this family very well & always thought that Jeff was a little off. I now just feel bad for his victim, his son & his girlfriend. I hope they give his ass what he deserves, and I hope he never walks these streets again! Sick bastard.

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  • bre

    It doesn’t matter how many times he goes to jail… He’s not gonna learn his lesson.! He plead not guilty.. He’ll get what he deserves when he goes to prison.!

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