Missouri Western Raises Rates

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The Board of Governors at Missouri Western State University has raised tuition and room and board rates for the upcoming school year.

Cale Fessler, vice president for financial planning and administration, says the new rates reflect a balance between meeting financial obligations and keeping quality education affordable.

“We know that our expenses will rise next year,” Fessler said.

“We anticipate increased mandatory costs of approximately $800,000, we have begun filling vacant positions that resulted in salary savings of more than $3 million this year, and we continue to have critical deferred maintenance needs. But for the majority of our students, tuition will rise less than 2 percent next year.”

Tuition and general fees for in-state undergraduate students on the St. Joseph campus will increase $3.74 per credit hour, based on 15 credit hours per semester. The new rate of $216.60 per credit hour is 1.76 percent higher than the current rate.

In-state undergraduates taking classes at the Kansas City Northland campus or Penn Valley will pay $231 per credit hour, an increase of $3 per hour, or 1.32 percent.

Out-of-state undergraduates will pay $20 more per credit hour: $416.31 at the St. Joseph campus and $306 at the Kansas City campuses. Online undergraduate students will pay $15 more per credit hour. The new rates will be $251 for in-state students and $352 for out-of-state.

Graduate tuition will rise $20 per credit hour in most cases. The new rates for in-state graduate students will be $330.48 for students at the St. Joseph campus and $340 for students taking classes online or in Kansas City. Out-of state graduate students will pay $589.23 at the St. Joseph campus, $516 in Kansas City and $379 online.

Room rates will rise 1 percent for residents in Griffon Hall, Missouri Western’s newest residence hall, 2 percent in most other rooms, and 4.5 percent for single suites. The new rates will range from $2,082 to $3,131 per semester. Board rates will increase from 3.6 percent to 4.5 percent, depending on the meal plan selected by the student.