Eyes Found On KC Gas Station Trash Can

Kansas City authorities are looking for answers, after a pair of eyes was found in a cooler at a gas station.

A worker found the cooler in a box marked “keep refrigerated.” The box was apparently left on top of a trash can at a Conoco station near NW 112th Street and NW Ambassador Drive.

Surveillance video shows two men in a blue Toyota with Nebraska plates leave the package behind.

It’s not clear yet if the eyes belong to an area hospital or an eye bank located about a mile away.

The package was taken to the Jackson County medical Examiner’s Office pending further investigation.

  • missy

    i always feel like… somebody’s watchin me….

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  • randy

    i got my eyes on u

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  • missy

    the way EYE see it…. someone it probably in trouble if theyre from a clinic or hospital/eye bank.

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