Renovations Begin On St Joe Fire Station Four

SJFD Firetruck
Demolition work will mark the first stage of renovations at St Joseph Fire Station 4, at 3458 Ashland Avenue, beginning this week.

The $700 thousand project was funded through the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) sales tax.

Construction will include two new bays with doors tall enough for all of the department’s trucks, new trench drains, and an oil water separator.

Additionally, there will be a new unisex bathroom, exercise area, gear storage that meets NFPA standards, and a separate storage room that can only be accessed from the outside allowing for storage of a mower and flammable liquids. There will also be a new safe room to protect firefighters in the event of severe weather.

Demolition is underway to remove the apparatus bay, concrete floor, and side rooms. Then construction will start and last approximately six months.

The crews will remain housed at the station during the renovation, however, during the cold weather this week, the crews and truck were relocated to station 12, on St. Joseph Avenue to allow the truck to be parked inside. When temperatures warm above freezing, crews will move the truck back to station 4. It is anticipated that will occur by the end of this week.

While there will be a delayed arrival time, station 4 will continue to provide coverage of the area.

The ambulance department has been notified of the temporary relocation. The start of the project was delayed to avoid a necessary relocation of the truck; unfortunately Mother Nature wasn’t quite ready for spring.