Charges Filed After Rant Interrupts State Of The City (Update)

WTFHEGDKansas City’s police chief says a man who interrupted a speech by Mayor Sly James and ranted for several seconds before being tackled was not directing his anger at the mayor.

The man jumped onstage at the Gem Theater as James delivered his State of the City speech Tuesday morning and commandeered the microphone.

Police Chief Darryl Forte says the man was unarmed. He was quickly tackled by one of the mayor’s bodyguards.

He was then handcuffed and taken to jail. James — a 61-year-old former Marine MP — appeared unfazed and resumed his speech.

People in the audience said the man was yelling about a City Council member.

James said afterward he never felt in danger. His office did not respond to calls seeking comment.

(Note:  Jackson County officials have now charged the man with two misdemeanors.  Derron L. Black was charged with third-degree assault on a law officer and obstructing government operations.)