Golf Courses All Over Are Raising Fees To Keep Greens Green

drought golfGolf courses throughout the area are raising fees or assessing members to cover the increased cost of irrigation during the current drought.

The St Joseph City Council on Monday voted to increase greens fees and cart fees by one dollar, in part to cover drought-related watering expenses at Fairview Golf Course.

The City of Savannah also owns a municipal golf course, Duncan Hills.

On Monday the Savannah Board of Aldermen took the first step toward increasing membership and green fees.  Final action is scheduled April 1 in Savannah.

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We spoke with representatives of two private courses in St Joe. Both the Moila Country Club and the St Joseph Country Club charged assessments to their members to cover increased irrigation costs. Potentate Kenny Dunlap of the Moila Shrine says members were assessed a one-time fee of $250 last year.

Each of the course managers we spoke with noted dramatically increased water costs last year, and each blamed the drought.