Murder Suspect Withdraws Lawsuit Over Muslim Religious Rights In Jail

Shawnee County Dept of CorrectionsA federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a jail inmate who claimed he was being discriminated against because he is Muslim.

U.S. Senior District Judge Sam Crow dismissed Jason Hachmeister’s lawsuit at Hachmeister’s request. Hachmeister had been seeking $100 million from defendants that included Shawnee County.

Hachmeister is awaiting trial for 1st-degree murder in the strangulation death of his mother, Sheila Hachmeister.

She was found dead in their Topeka home in September 2010.

Hachmeister accused officials at the county jail of not providing him with food that met the requirements of his Muslim faith. ┬áHe also claimed that Muslims aren’t allowed to witness to their faith in jail.