Could Colorado Gun Control Send Magazine Maker To Kansas?

MagPulA Colorado company that manufactures firearm accessories has stepped into the spotlight over the gun control debate as state lawmakers consider limiting ammunition magazines.

Officials at Erie, Colorado-based Magpul Industries have told legislators they will leave the state if the pass a bill to ban magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.  One potential destination could be across the state line to Kansas.

Lawmakers have tried to ease Magpul’s concerns by amending the proposal to specify the company can still manufacture magazines of any size, but they could only sell them out of state or to law enforcement and the military.

Company officials argue the limits on magazine sizes won’t prevent violence but will cause legal uncertainty for their business.

The company has been operated largely unnoticed since 1999. The firearm accessories they sell are used by gun enthusiasts, the military and law enforcement.

  • Roger

    I see this as opportunity for City Council and the Chamber of Commerce to move more business into our community. This is just one company making news. There are more who are willing to come where they are welcome and can thrive. But what do I know,I just have to drive 100 miles round trip to work somewhere that pays a living wage. It’s time St.Joe attracts more than restaurants and processing plants. We’ve all seen those come and go and the only ones benefiting from the new plant is the licence bureau and slum lords. I wonder what happened to the idea of St.Joe getting the detention center for the illegals? Did the renewed leader of the Chamber discourage that cause it would have hurt his employer. Bottom line is there is going to be opportunity for quality manufacturing jobs and we can only hope to solicit them.

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  • Tim

    Roger- If they were to move, why would they move to a state that might vote to outlaw all semi-auto firearms and magazines of any size? Such is a bill your neighbors from the eastern side of Missouri proposed last month. Besides, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma have a far more friendly 2nd Amendment stance than Missouri. And with the passage of a bill that allows all firearms and components that are manufactured in Kansas to be legal and off limits to Federal meddling, that’s where id move my factory to!

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  • Roger

    Proposed legislation was just a media ploy. That will never fly in Missouri!

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