“Tremendous background, good leadership, good vision, he’s a good man to have back in the Chamber.”

Patt and Sherri Lilly

Patt and Sherri Lilly

Some expressed surprise, but local leaders are applauding the choice of R. Patt Lilly to lead the St Joseph Metro Chamber.  Lilly was chosen to replace former CEO and President Ted Allison, who left the job last August.

St Joseph Mayor Bill Falkner: “I think it’s a great choice. I think he knows the territory. He’s been here before and it was successful under his leadership. I look forward to working with him.”


Interim CEO Steve Hamilton: “I’m very pleased with this choice. Patt has significant experience, not only with the Chamber on the economic development side, but he worked with the city. He’s run a large private business. Tremendous background, good leadership, good vision, he’s a good man to have back in the Chamber.”

Lilly seems comfortable moving back to the chamber. “I missed the work,” he said in an interview.

“I was City Manager in St Joseph before I came to the Chamber, and I really miss the community work. And, being able to lead an organization doing work that makes a difference in the community is really what led me here.”

He listed job growth and strengthening the public/private partnership as top goals.

“We need to continue to keep focused on job growth.  Supporting local business, looking for opportunities for new jobs coming to the community, that’s certainly an important focus. Also, we’re a bit unique in St Joseph. We have a public/private partnership that supports economic development, and making sure that we continue to strengthen that partnership will be important to our future success as well.”

Lilly will end his tenure at Triumph Foods on March 8, and will take the reins at the Chamber March 11.  During his first week as Chamber CEO, Lilly will take part in the annual Washington D.C. Fly-In, the Chamber’s annual outreach to lawmakers and staffers in the nation’s capital.



  • just sayin

    Seriously, The man responsible for bringing Triumph Foods to town after Seaboard was turned down. And Triumph’s Parent Company is Seaboard. The man responsible for bringing the migrant workers and all the riff raff that came to town with the new pork processing plant to replace the union jobs that Monfort and Seitz left behind. Then left the Chamber to work for the company he brought to town. Seriously, We brought him back to do what? That’s the issue with this town’s government, Chamber and Convention Visitor’s Bureau, find new blood with fresh ideas not the same recycled ones from years gone by. Way to go St. Joe step back in time and not forward like every other city in the country is doing. No wonder St. Joseph is like the twilight zone nothing ever changes and how can it when the same 20 people rotate the positions in this town. A fresh set of eyes and new blood might shake things up around here and move us forward but no we are satisfied with the status quo of the past 30 years. Just Sayin…….

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  • Huh

    From Faucett to Maryville to Elwood to Cameron is NOT nation wide…
    The only thing he has brought to St.Joe is higher crime and illegals.
    When it was announced that Triumph was coming to St.Joe, this city was warned about the crime rate would go up and gangs would be headed this way…And Pat Lilly new it.What’s next David Jones as Mayor?

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