Missouri Teen Caught Stealing Girls Underwear


WRIGHT CITY, Mo. (AP) – An eastern Missouri teenager is facing charges for a series of burglaries after authorities allegedly found 59 pair of women’s underwear and other items in his bedroom.

Nineteen-year-old Michael Stout of Wright City is charged with four counts of burglary, four counts of stealing and one count of property damage. He is jailed on $100,000 cash-only bond.

Warren County deputies were called to a home Wednesday after a 16-year-old girl heard an intruder in the bathroom. Police say Stout ran into a wooded area but police dogs helped track him down.

Police say Stout had been watching female residents of his neighborhood and targeting their homes.

In addition to the underwear, police say they found other female clothing, sex toys, photographs and feminine hygiene products.

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    I’ve been there 5 years now. I own my home and car im also married and with no children, and I accomplished buying my own home before I was even thinking of being married so please dont get me wrong I love the paycheck that i get every week from
    there, but by not sending us home or cancelling a shift they proved we are only a warm body and they will tell you to your face that you
    are replaceable. But i feel they should take in to consideration how many people live out of just think shutting down the plant
    for a day shows that they do care about you and your safety. like i said a towing fee from here to KC is probably as much as they get in on

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