St Joe Woman Wins $108,000 Lotto Prize

lotto winnerA St Joseph woman takes home $108,000 after matching all five numbers in a recent Show Me Cash drawling.

Joanie Haynes of St. Joseph said, “It didn’t seem real,” when she checked her Missouri Lottery Show Me Cash ticket at Pacific Quick Stop on the Belt Highway.

The 36-year-old hairdresser won the prize in the February 5th Show Me Cash drawling.

“It was a little overwhelming,” she said, adding that she knew instantly how she’d use the prize money.

“We have three vehicles – mine, my husband’s and a daughter who’s getting ready to move away,” Haynes said. “We’re going to pay her car off, and we’re going to pay off ours.”

She says she had to check the ticket several times just to make sure it was a winner. Then she took it home and locked it up. She was one of two ticket holders who matched all five numbers in the drawling.