More Personnel Changes At St Joseph School District

SJSD-logo2-150x150The St. Joseph School District announced more personnel changes for the coming year.

The district will be looking for three elementary school principals and one high school principal for the 2013-14 school year.

Noyes, Field and Edison Elementary Schools will have new principals next year, as will Benton High School.


The District is also expected to name a replacement soon for Superintendent Dr. Melody Smith, who is retiring.

In a news release, the district announced Dr. Adam Willard is resigning as Noyes Principal to take the Stanberry Superintendency next year.

Dr. Deborah Stephens will shift from Field Elementary School to Central High School, following the resignation of Dr. Marlie Williams at CHS.   Dr. Williams has accepted a position in the Liberty School District.

Benton High School and Edison Elementary will also be seeking new Principals next year following the resignations of Dr. Jeanette Westfall and Dr. Matt Martz, respectively. Both are seeking other leadership positions.

Dr. Martz was the Principal at Skaith Elementary for 10 years and Edison for two years. He is a Past President of the Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals.

  • Concerned

    This is not surprising that all these people have decided to leave. For whatever their reasons seam to be on the outside only the inside knows the truth. Whatever the actual truth is doesn’t matter the fact still remains our district is broken and in dire need of fixing. All this money that is about to be spent on new schools and upgrades we need to rebuild our image and standing with the business world. This district needs to make a real effort in bringing in new Big Business to generate revenue for the community and the district. Good high paying jobs don’t come to a city with a struggling education system no matter how new the schools are, especially elementary schools. Focus on the head job and make the right decision with the Super job.

    Current score: 3
  • JimLast

    When will people remember what it was like when Dan Colgan was superintendent? No new schools, dirty deals under the tabel to get him and his buddies money without people knowing, cuts to staff, and sexist politics downtown. Come on St. Joe he’s the one who used to tell people that teachers made enough and that it wasn’t the pay that made people leave. These people ain’t leaving becase there finding better jobs. There leaving because they know the real Dan Colgan.

    Current score: 4