Bar Owners Push Back Against Kansas Smoking Ban

smokingSome Kansas lawmakers are fighting back against the state’s public smoking ban with an effort to create exemptions for bars and other businesses that cater to adults.

House Bill 2219 would provide exceptions to private businesses that employ and serve only people 21 or over.

The bill is part of a growing movement to fight the ban’s effects on bars and other adult businesses.

Critics say many bars and nightclubs have been forced to close because of the ban.

The bill would also require businesses to post signs prohibiting people under 21 from entering, and alerting the public that the business allows smoking by adults.

Representative Randy Garber (R. Sabetha)  is a co-sponsor of the bill, which has been assigned to the House Health and Human Services Committee.  You can track the bill and read the text here.


  • smartin

    Topeka and Hutchinson bowling alleys closed. Bars all over Kansas are still closing, or simply breaking the law. Veterans are standing outside in the cold. This smoking ban is the most pathetic pile of poop that a pharmaceutical company run country, like we live in today, can perpetrate on it’s small business owners and their customers! But it’s selling the heckout of their patches and gums! And that, my friends, is what this is all about. Follow the money when someone says they are doing something for “your health” or to “protect you” from your own choices!

    Current score: 3
  • Pam Parker

    Maybe you should do some INDEPENDENT research on the damage it’s done to bars. As a Regional Director for Buckeye Liquor Permit Holders Association, and as a bar owner, I can tell you it’s devastating. Biased researchers, however, use sales tax data and proclaim there’s no change to sales tax revenue therefore there’s no harm to bars. What they DON’T do is factor in are increases in our costs of our products (liquor 6.05% increase, bottled beer 17.95% increase, keg beer 26.27% increase) or that since the ban started, 9.78% more bars opened). If sales tax data remained unchanged yet our cost of goods increased and there are more bars, doesn’t that PROVE a loss to bars? How about the fact that liquor permit holders are DOWN 3,811,896 bottles of liquor while home consumption has increased by 22,286,489 bottles. These are FACTS provided by the State of Ohio AND their own study showed less smokers and NON smokers go to bars since the smoking ban (a ban that prohibitionists claim do NOT harm business). Maybe a study of domestic violence in a state with a ban in bars would show that more people drinking hard liquor and smoking more AT HOME is NOT in the public’s best interest. Don’t let people who are funded by big pHARMa and anti-smoking groups fool you. It DEVASTATES bars.

    Current score: 3
  • marbee

    There was never a law that said a bar owner had to allow smoking, there should not be one that says you have to ban smoking! Of COURSE anti-smokers don’t care that business owners lose their private property rights and citizens lose theirs for the legislatively forced preference of others, it’s another form of legal bullying! Of COURSE, they’re BULLIES!

    Current score: 3
  • Kayci

    Bravo Bar Owners! Bans should be outlawed, outright.

    Current score: 2
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