St Joe Police Still Looking For Victims In Theft Cases

The St Joseph Police Department is still hoping to hear from victims in a pair of recent theft investigations.

On the night of January 28 or the morning of the 29th, two men are charged with stealing a central air conditioning unit from a home in the vicinity of 24th Street and Messanie. Two men await preliminary hearings in that case, even though police have not yet determined where the air conditioner was stolen.

Dillon Shade, 17, and Joshua Pike, 22, both of St Joseph, are each charged with one class-c felony count of stealing. Authorities have said the AC unit may have been taken from an unoccupied dwelling. If you are missing an air conditioner, or have information that could help investigators, you should call Detective Frank Till at (816) 236-1455.

Police are also hoping to hear from more people who may have lost items from their vehicles at about the same time. Authorities last week said as many as 40 vehicles may have been involved, but so far only about 15 people have come forward to file reports.

Three suspects, Michael Hansen, Tyrai Skeen and Christopher Erickson, have been arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft. Police said at the time of the arrests that the suspects targeted unlocked vehicles in the Stonecrest and Myrna Manor areas, as well as generally north of Frederick and east of Leonard Road.

If you would like to file a complaint in that case, call Detective Till at (816) 236-1455. You can also file a complaint at the police department’s Web site here.