Missouri Man Gets Life For Murder Of Infant Daughter

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A Cass County man was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his 4-month-old daughter.

Moreno Antonio Salinas, 22, of Lake Winnebago was sentenced Monday in the April 2010 death of his daughter, Avee Marie Hunter.

Salinas was convicted of first-degree murder in December, after a cousin told authorities that the two conspired to kill the baby by abusing her.

The Kansas City Star reports Salinas repeatedly threw the girl on the bed, hanged her upside down, shook and flipped her around and squeezed the air out of her lungs.

The child had injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome when taken to the hospital. She had been treated earlier for seizures.

Salina’s cousin is awaiting trial on assault charges.

  • Really

    Really only life?????? What ever happened to the electric chair for idiots like this? And the gurl is only facing assault charges seriously both need to be electricuted or beat tossed and air sqweezed out of them there should be no place on earth anywhere for people like this… disgusting

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  • Constanz


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  • Get It Together

    I have a 5 month old daughter and stuff like this makes me absolutely sick to my stomach! But at least he got LIFE! In Buchanan County I can think of 3 times off the top of my head where a child had been killed…MURDERED…and the person got 15 years or less! (One girl was only 19 yrs old, and got 15 yrs, so will be out by the time she’s 32 years old most likely) Just an absolute injustice to these little innocent children. Our system is one of the most jacked I’ve ever heard of in my life.

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