Saint Joseph Starts Public Meetings On Smoking Ordinance


Deputy Mayor Byron Myers

Deputy Mayor Byron Myers

Public meetings about possible smoking restrictions in Saint Joseph begin Tuesday. City Councilmember Byron Myers says it’s a health issue, and he looks forward to hearing what citizens have to say about it.  The city is drafting an ordinance to impose what are called “moderate” restrictions on smoking in work and public places.

The Council will gather public input at seven meetings this month and next, then hold a work session March 5th to begin deciding what the ordinance will say. The first meeting is at 9 am Tuesday on the third floor at City Hall.

  • Randle Patrick McMurphy

    Oh great, they have already decided to produce a Smoking Ordinance, before they hold the seven public meetings. Isn’t this the cart before the horse. Why not hold the meetings THEN decide if they should even produce an Ordinance? Part time elected officials are the worse!

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