School District Employee Charged With Two Additional Sodomy Counts

Patrick D Banks

A St Joseph School District employee charged with sodomizing an eight year old boy last year now faces two additional counts of statutory criminal sodomy in the first degree.

Patrick Banks, 24, is on administrative leave from the school district, and remains incarcerated in lieu of bond. At a trial setting hearing Wednesday, officials scheduled trial on the first count June 18th. That charge involves the son of his former wife, who was eight years old.

The new charges allegedly involved two more boys, one under the age of fourteen, and the other under the age of eleven. Because of the ages of the victims, and the circumstances of the allegations, Banks could face life in prison if convicted.

On Thursday a judge set bond at $75 thousand in the new case, and scheduled formal arraignment January 22.

  • Lou

    He deserves for then life.

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  • Propmanager

    Send him down the river……………..for life! Nasty!

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  • Randle Patrick McMurphy

    Come on John P, tell us what school he worked in and what was his job description!

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  • Me

    I can tell you he used to work at y’s kids daycare at Missouri western. My son went there for a very short time. I am thankful this pervert did not harm my child. If he had he would not be where he is now. I guarantee that!

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  • bro

    i think he worked at Pershing as an assistant. I wish all children and families the best. this is heinous. it’s a sickness. it probably happened to him at a young age. what a viscious cycle.

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