(Update) Driver Free On Bond After Fatal Crash

Arraignment is scheduled for Friday, January 4th, for a 17-year-old Dekalb man charged with involuntary manslaughter after a fatality accident last week.

Police say Dylan Pierce was driving a pickup truck that left the road and hit a tree in the 3600 block of Cook Road.

The crash claimed the life of backseat passenger Cole Patrick, 18, of St Joseph.

Pierce has been freed on bail pending formal court arraignment. A judge said he must wear a “SCRAM” tracking bracelet, and said he could not operate a motor vehicle without an ignition interlock device.

Police said speed and alcohol are considered factors in the crash.  The roadway was damp, but clear of ice and snow.

  • My Condolences

    My condolences to the young man’s family. I will keep your family in my prayers. To lose a child no matter what age is horrible and no words can ease your pain. My god hold your family in his arms and comfort you in your time of loss. As for the young man who was driving needs to face the music for his actions but also needs compassion from people. He is young, He made a mistake and they were three friends who thought they were young and nothing would ever happen to them. But he made his choice and his actions took a life so he needs to be charged accordingly. DWI and vehicular Manslaugter if necessary. We all must be held accountable for our actions. And unfortunately as the driver of the vehicle he was responisble for his passengers well being. So I know he will live with this guilt the rest of his life but he needs to pay for those actions in the legal court system so others do not make the same mistake.
    My heart aches for all involved God Bless all of you.

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    • Understandable

      I understand the above statement. I have kids myself and could not imagine something happening to them or them hurting another individual. My question is these kids were UNDER AGE…Who sold them or purchased this alcohol for them. They should be punished……ID’s should of been asked for….Several people in the wrong here. My heart goes out to the family that lost their son along with the child facing the charges.

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      • Interested

        I understand what both of you are saying but how does our court system really work anyway. Yes the driver made a horrible mistake by drinking and driving and I’m sure he’s going to see prison time. But look at our sheriffs son. He is supposed to be a cop that knows the right and wrongs of handling guns right? Then why in world would he point a gun at his friend and pull the trigger? And to top it off I hear he never spent one once of time in jail. Humm kinda funny how that works when your dad is a big man around the courthouse. Oh and by the way he is still a cop right? Very professional right there I can tell you!!!

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    • Heartbreaking for all

      This is sad for all involved and my heart hurts for the family who lost their son, as well as the boy who was driving; however, it’s my understanding these boys were all friends – no one forced the older two to get in the car. They had choices, too. I’m just wondering who provided them with the alcohol…. The older two are in college, this boy in High School. It’s not so black and white. It’s known they’re not 21, so it seems to me there are others at fault here, too. In my opinion, those who provided the alcohol should be held responsible for this terrible tragedy, as well. I have a 17 year old son so I know these boys still have maturing to do, then you add alcohol into the picture?? Not a good mix! Who in their right mind can say this boy should be held solely responsible? It’s insane. The system isn’t doing its job if the blame is left entirely with him. DWI charge, definitley, but I do not agree with any charges that are going to stick with this boy for the rest of his life. He will have enough heartache that stays with him during his lifetime. Hopefully friends remain in his life, offer him unconditional support, and don’t blame him like the court system will. Really sad.

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  • My Heart Breaks

    My heart breaks for both sides…. I’ve lost my brother and know how it feels to lose someone…. But my heart breaks for the driver… He obviously didn’t think anything like this could or would happen… But I wonder how they got the alcohol… Please give both Family’s time to grieve… They need it!! I honestly feel for both families… God Bless and My Heart Truly Breaks for You all..

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  • lots of questions

    You are right the who provided the alcohol should be punished as well and the state of Missouri does have laws in place to handle this situation. If the parent knowing allowed to let these children drink in their home and this accident is a result of that severe error in judgement then they can be held financially and criminally responsible. But what if these kids simply took the alcohol from them home without knowing it. And what if they provided a fake ID to purchase this liquor. With today’s technology anything is possible. It goes to the point of parents not knowing what their children are doing. And this really does go to the point that nothing good can happen after midnight. People make bad choices and people have to live with those choices the rest of their life. And yes I agree this boy will suffer but so will the other boy that lived. Survivor’s guilt is just as bad as guilt for the actual action that occurred. All three of these boys need prayers and words of condolences. It’s up to the judicial system to punish the crime not the court of public opinion. May the boy who passed rest in peace. May the boy driving find solace in the lord Jesus Christ. And my the other passenger find compassion in his heart to stand by his friend in this time of need because only they know what happened that night to cause this horrible event and they will need each other to heal. Yes, the families will need to heal and should be allowed to heal without fingers being pointed. As for the post about the sheriff’s son, I have heard conflicting reports of what happened that day the officer was shot by his friend. I heard he wanted to know what it felt like to be shot and they thought they were using training rounds. So I know we don’t like to find fault in the victims but there are three sides to the truth the victims, the person of blame and the actual truth in the incident. So let’s let the officer rest in peace and spare his family the comments about the accident every chance you get to voice these opinions. St. Joseph has always been a old boys club town and if you have power you have protection so get used to it or move.

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    • Toggle

      That is so ridiculous you know nothing about how they got the alcohol talk about reaching for blame lets sue McDonald’s for all the suicides committed by depressed overweight people while we are at it why don’t you just let this family grieve and the people who are going to deal with the matter and shut the heck up!

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      • lots of questions

        Actually, no i don’t know how they got the alcohol. And no I am not reaching for straws, I was simply giving examples of how they could of gotten the alcohol underage. I am sorry if you took my comments the wrong way. I meant to be giving examples. But I do believe that parents have a responsibility to know what their children are up to and at 3am nothing good can be happening. I feel for these two surviving boys and I feel for the family and my intentions weren’t to hurt them it was to explain how they could of gotten the alcohol. So I apologize for offending you, apparently you know these boys and are suffering too. So I hope that you all make it through this intact. Good Luck and Take Care of the survivors and honor the deceased.

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    • Interested

      So you are telling me That since st joe is a ” good ole boys club” we should just look past the fact that he got nothing! Not one minute in jail? And he clearly isn’t responsible enough to carry a gun around our children but we should say nothing? You my friend are very WRONG!!!! It is a good ole boys club alright because I’ve heard that the job he has now was made up so he could keep a job. Just stating a fact

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      • lots of questions

        NO!!! What I was attempting to say is that everyone in that incident is hurting just as in this one. But as for him keeping a job, whether legit or made up for him, there is nothing you can do by posting anonymously online about it. You can’t change the old boys club by not challenging the ole boys club in this town. I voted for the opponent in the last election to get the sheriff out of office. We need to change the make up of the city council. Because how can a council woman face her community knowing that her grandchildren beat a young man to a coma and almost death and still sit on the council. So it’s not just in the police and sheriffs office that things are mishandled and it’s throughout the city government and we can sit back and allow it to happen or stand up publicly to voice our concerns. Talk to people educate them on the misjustice and get them to vote them out and seek change. Run for office yourself. Nothing will change if we as the citizens sit back and let it happen. So to you too, I am sorry for upsetting you. I just think you have to work on changing things and not just accusing from a computer.

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  • Donald

    The parents know this is going on and choose to ignore it. Really at this age its a bit late but i get the feeling that parents are just saying “they just need to get it out of their system or whatever”. Unfortunately the thought of drinking and driving was introduced to these boys long before this accident. It just takes something like this to bring it to light. You only need to look at a social site like fb to realize how far this has gone. I’m betting all three of their sites boast of underage drinking and ill also wager their families have seen the pics and said nothing. Just kids having fun… It’s just the new accepted norm for most families. Sad. Talk to your kids about this.

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    • a parent

      How dare you judge what these parents advocated for their children. The irony is, that they undoubtedly did not advocate this behaviour at all “to get it out of their system”. These were 3 young men who made a terrible mistake. Tragedy and grief for this family and here you are the dirt pickers, here blaming grieving parents. I cant believe people with your level of inhumanitiy actually exist.

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  • Dwad

    This is such a tragic story and my condolences go out to the family who lost there son in the accident. We all know someone provided these kids alcohol. It could of been parents, family friends, whoever. Yes they should of never provided thesekidswith alcohol in the first place since they are underage. But for the driver of the vichael who was over twice over the alcohol limit. Pretty much in the black out stage. Should even be driving in the first place. That was his choice to get behind the wheel. He needs to face the punishment for his actions. If he can do the crime then he better do the time. Yes we all think why wasn’t he wearing a seatbelt. If he was wearing a seat belt he might still be alive. Just because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt doesn’t mean he should die.

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    • Thinking

      The seatbelt wouldn’t have made a difference, the way the vehicle hit would have killed him anyway. He wouldn’t have been any safer. The only thing that could have saved him was not being in that vehicle, but he was.

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  • A friend

    He was a great friend, I think about him everyday. People on here that don’t know half of the story should not even post a comment unless its positive. Get a life.

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    • Thinking

      I know how you feel, it’s impossible to not think about him. He was in my life for 18 years, my mom knew his parents before the two of us were even thoughts. I miss him so much.
      People don’t think before they write, they just put opinions out without thinking about the whole story, that includes parts they don’t know about.
      It was a horrible thing that happened, and there are people who need to mourn and not see comments that draw away from what really happened.

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