Chiefs Shakeup Reported; Dungy Denies Coaching Interest

According to the Web site KC Sportsnation dot com, the Chiefs are about to dump GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel.

The site quotes what is called “a good source inside Arrowhead that has seen Bill Polian with Clark Hunt with his “own eyes.”

Polian is the former GM of the Indianapolis Colts.

Sportsnation reports the job is Polian’s if he wants it.

The Web site reports Polian would bring his long-time coach Tony Dungy back to KC as the head coach and his son Chris would be the VP and take over when Bill retires.

Since the report, Dungy stated on the Web site Twitter that he isn’t coaching in KC or anywhere else next year.

“We lived in Kansas City 3 years and loved it. I love the Hunt family,” Dungy tweeted, “But I will not be back in coaching, there or anywhere else.”

The source also indicated that most of the current staff has already cleaned out their offices and three assistant coaches have been told not to make the trip to Denver for Sunday’s season finale.

  • Mike

    romeo aint no coach to begin with. pioli did what belichek told to do. good riddance to all da bums.

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  • Tammy Morris

    The Chiefs are a joke and so are their fans.

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    • Chiefs Fan 4 Life

      And why is it that Chiefs FANS are a joke to you, Tammy? That is a pretty bold and kinda rude statement to make. I AM a CHIEFS FAN for life, no matter what, and I can assure you I am NO joke. That is the way it is supposed to be, you stick with your team, through thick and thin, no matter what. Youre probably the type that would claim to be a fan if the team was doing well, to me THOSE people are a JOKE.

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      • http://stjoepost vinnie

        gotta figure Fannie is a cheesehead

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    • Sweet Daddy

      Listen up Tammy I have been a Chiefs fan for 30 + years through the ups & downs I am not in the Chiefs managment so I just have to support the team whatever the front office decisions are. Yes this years team is awful but calling fans names shows you intellingence or lack of so if you don’t have anthing positive to say just keep it to yourself.

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  • Dave

    I’ve been a season ticket holder sin ce ’91…we’ll see Tammy and all the other bandwagon fans the next time they win 10 games!

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  • thomas

    though the chiefs may not be my no 1 team since I am from nashville(tn titans) i still support the chiefs and I agree you should always support your team no matter what. otherwise you are not truly a fan!!!!!!

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  • Steve

    Tammy is a band wagon betty she is not for just one team she is for whomever is winning I have been a chiefs fan for 20 plus years and yes I am upset with the decissions with the choises they have made for the last two years but I am a home town team fan Chiefs and Royals cause they are from Kansas City Mo best teams,Fans,Tailgate and BBQ. So Tammy go pick on someone elses team

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