Governor Names New Director Of Social Services

Governor Jay Nixon on Wednesday named Alan O. Freeman, president and chief executive officer of Grace Hill Health Centers, as the new director of the Missouri Department of Social Services.

Freeman brings more than 20 years of experience in health care administration to the position.

He will take over from acting DSS Director Brian Kinkade, who has served as acting director since June 2011 and who will remain with the department as deputy director.


“Very few leaders have Alan Freeman’s unique combination of health care administration experience and an intimate understanding of the needs of Missouri’s most vulnerable families and children,” Gov. Nixon said in a news release.

“As we move forward with meeting those needs, I am confident that Alan is the right person to take on the challenges ahead, and that he will continue the fine work the department has done under acting Director Brian Kinkade, and under Director Ron Levy before him.”

The Department of Social Services is responsible for coordinating programs and providing public assistance to children and their parents; providing access to health care for low-income families; child protection and permanency services; and specialized assistance and rehabilitation services to trouble youth. While many DSS programs provide needed financial assistance and rehabilitation services to troubled youth, other units work toward reducing financial dependence of the citizens on government.