Jury Finds Murder Suspect Not Guilty

Posted 2 years ago

By John P Tretbar

A Buchanan County jury on Thursday found Camareo Goodwin not guilty of murder and robbery in the death of Brian Ullmer in August of 2011.

Goodwin was accused of orchestrating the robbery, and allegedly convinced three other people to carry it out.

But after a two day trial in which the defense presented no witnesses, a jury panel found him not guilty of felony murder and first-degree robbery.

Two other men have pleaded guilty in the case and testified against Goodwin. Two more men await trial in the case.

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  • shellbell

    It was a really sad day in the court house. I love the Ulmer family and they are in my prayer. Karma i can i can say. he will be walking the streets hopefully this doesnt happen again.

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  • HmmM

    This shows the incompetence of the prosecutors of this town. Sad day for the Ulmer family.

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  • 64503

    Glad to see him found not guilty all of u assume he’s guilty without knowing any facts.

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    • shellbell


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      • Jk

        He drove them to the house you imbecile. I’m sure the way that trashy thug lives he will be dead or in prison before you know it, but not soon enough.

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  • http://stjosephpost.com Propmanager

    This verdict was really a travesty imo. He has a record a mile long. Look him up on case.net. You can’t put his whole first name in because it wont pull up. Just put “Cam” for the first name.
    Before all the comments start…….I know that just because he has a past doesn’t make him guilty, but you all know as well as I do that he was there, in the car that led the others to do the home invasion. I feel for the family too, but if you live by the sword you most likely will die by the sword. There is no honor between theives and drug dealers. Full Stop!

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  • shellbell

    for some reason my early post wont post, so let me try this again. Mario or what ever you want to call him he. i know the facts i was there were you 64503?? or if you know him are you sure he hasnt snithched on you? he lead those people there. if he was innocent why didnt he take the stand. Why where the FEDS there oh because hes an informant. Tina lost a husband and father to Jeri, Barbie lost a brother and his parents lost a son and we all lost a great friend. if you want to actually know what happend pull the record it public. I know this because thats what i do for a living. So i do know whats going on. It was a tragity that will hopefully not happen again. But if hes walking the streets im sure it will.

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  • 64503

    I don’t care i hate Buchanan county court system its all messed up so..

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  • Wouldn’t you like to know

    Why you are there looking up “Mario” why don’t you look up your beloved Brian Ulmer while you’re at it. He had his own fair share of run-ins with law enforcement. Still think prior convictions automatically make you a bad person?

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  • Me

    So he drove these people to Ulmers home and is found not guilty wtf?!?!? I do recall they found jarett Palmer guilty and he did the same thing. They both planned the crimes that were committed, one is guilty the other is not?!? This doesn’t make any sense! We have a very flawed judicial system!

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